It's a wonderful moment in time when the client you are working with is willing to stand out. Especially in the technology world. Bromium is in a market where every image you can find that talks to their technology is exactly the same as everyone else in that field. So we are stepping out. 

Services Include

Creative Direction  |  Brand Development  |  Design  |  Marketing Support


Homepage banners


Brand Styleguide - Work in progress

Collateral style - Solution Brief

Blog posts


Icon Library

VERY small sample of the icons. They are never used in black, always with gradients and overlays. See usages in above designs.


We have done a lot of event designs for Bromium. The below one is the most interesting as we worked with the Genius campaign and designed a rickshaw!


We did not illustrate the Geniuses, only art directed the creative to match the brand. We did design the collages that they have been housed in.