It's a wonderful moment in time when the client you are working with is willing to stand out. Especially in the technology world. Bromium is in a market where every image you can find that talks to their technology is exactly the same as everyone else in that field. So we are stepping out. 

Services Include

Creative Direction  |  Brand Development  |  Design  |  Marketing Support



The Bromium brand had two primary elements to it. The “Genius” campaign and the overall brand style for the company.

The Genius campaign was focused on “Protect your Genius” using true geniuses that would, in their day, have had the type of information that would have needed protection IF there was a computer handy. Given time, this campaign would have rolled into a personal genius version showing how we all protect our genius and asking folks to participate in this campaign via social media and other avenues to share their genius and how Bromium helps protect it.



We did not illustrate the Geniuses. We did come up with the style for Einstein and creative directed the rest of the genius illustrations. Once the creative for the geniuses was in place, we created all of the background styles. This “Genius” line of artwork has been used in all corporate level events and presentations while the “Protect your Genius” campaign was alive.

Corporate brand style

Technology is a tough arena to be in to make yourself visual stand out and still tell the companies story. Our client at Bromium was willing to take a chance and allow for something different so that they would stand out in the busy security field. Ultimately chosen was a very colorful, very adaptive design that allowed the Bromium team to choose their color path and have a bit of personality in their visuals. The custom icons inside the circles are a key part of telling the story and of the brand.

Brand style guide




We did all of the work for the IA, UX and design. There was a 3rd party in place to develop the site in WordPress.

Homepage banners


Half page blades

Full page blades



Blog, Social Media, and more!

These items are a collection of the creative that we have done over a few years


Collateral styles

Icon library

VERY small sample of the icons. They are never used in black, always with gradients and overlays. See usages in above designs.

Blog posts


We have done a lot of event designs for Bromium. The below one is the most interesting as we worked within the Genius campaign and designed a rickshaw!


The beginning of a new brand

And then, two years later, there were changes in the organization… which generally means “here comes a new brand”. We headed back into the world of hexagons again.

Homepage design


New design elements



Kind words from one of our Bromium clients

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Juliann for the last couple of years, during which time she was the creative director for Bromium. Above all else, I was impressed with Juliann’s ability to deliver exceptional work while using her project management skills to keep projects moving so they completed on time. I’m so impressed with her ability to figure things out and learn new skills to get the job done. She learned enough about Marketo to help create all of our Landing pages and emails. I would definitely recommend Juliann.
— Julie Bandley, Marketing Operations Manager at Bromium